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About Perú Mix - PERÚ MIX

About Perú Mix

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8 years
4 cities
2 countries


We are not high end; we are not fast-food. We are the first fast-casual Peruvian restaurant chain. We are young, fun, casual, modern and convenient all while maintaining our Peruvian gastronomic traditions within our core. PERU MIX is an authentic brand that started from just one small location in South America. It is now becoming the face of Peruvian cuisine on a global scale. With an innovative and modern twist, PERU MIX is revolutionizing the gastronomy of Peru for the whole world to enjoy.

Each of our locations is designed to maximize our guests’ experience. The food is excellent quality and served fast, but by no means do you feel rushed before or after a meal. It is a place to relax and enjoy while absorbing the care-free vibes. Just like our name suggests, we are a mix between express and gourmet. Our guests also have the option of “mixing” or customizing their orders making every visit an interactive culinary adventure to remember.

Our honest kitchen concept allows our guests to witness firsthand how their dishes are being prepared. Whether enjoying a health-conscious Peruvian quinoa or acai bowl, one of our award-winning ceviches during a workday lunch hour, or a delicious lomo saltado sandwich before a weekend night out with friends; PERU MIX is a perfect blend of authentic Peruvian flavors and modern convenience.

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As seen in


Sandra Posada - Caracol TV - Main network in Colombia

The express and the gourmet of Peruvian food, a unique combination.

LORENZO VILLEGAS - Gastronomic Reporter from El Colombiano Newspaper

Who said Peruvian food was always expensive? Not in Peru Mix.

Ashley Trexler - Washington Post Travel journalist

Excelent Ceviche!

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SINCE 2012


Our Story

PERU MIX was founded with just one small location in Medellin, Colombia in 2012 by Peruvian-American Juan Luis Vera and Ana Maria Palacio, with help from their American friends. Juan Luis noticed that in Colombia, and in most other countries, Peruvian food had the reputation of being “overpriced” or “exclusive”, and wrongly identified as only seafood or chicken. He decided to test the market with a new concept. As a result, the first international fast-casual Peruvian chain was born! Our restaurants offer casual dining combined with a diverse menu of very high quality Peruvian cuisine. The atmosphere is young, modern and fun, while the service is friendly and professional. The food is spectacular, unique and exotic yet affordable. PERU MIX is introducing the world to gourmet Peruvian cuisine for the first time in a fast-casual chain format.

Our Future

Multiple locations and one production center later, PERU MIX is now focused on the expansion of the brand, with the purpose of becoming a major international franchise and the face of Peruvian food worldwide. We have created a solid foundation and have endless potential. We have a great team, a great following, and we are constantly evolving as a brand name in the international franchise restaurant industry.