Our team


Juan luis Vera

Founder / C.E.O

Born in Lima, Peru, Juan Luis is the Founder of PERU MIX. His professional background has been primarily focused in online retail, international business and start-ups while living in South Florida, USA for over 10 years. His passion for Peruvian cuisine and his ingenuity with business concepts, is what led him to the discovery of this new and innovative approach to Peruvian gastronomy. (Bilingual English/Spanish)

Ana María Palacio

Founder  / C.O.O  and Finance

A graduate from the University of Autonoma in Medellin, Colombia with a degree in economics, Ana Maria has acted as managing director of Peru Mix since 2012. With over 7 years experience in restaurant and franchise operations, she has facilitated the growth of PERU MIX through hard work and dedication.

Michael Landman

Co-founder / Shareholder

Michael is the Seed investor and Director of Business Development of PERU MIX. He holds a degree from the University of Indiana School of Tourism Convention and Event Management. He lived in Medellin, Colombia for 3 years where he helped develop the concept of PERU MIX. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he is overseeing the launch of the brand in the USA. (Bilingual English/Spanish)

Daniel Kent

Partner / Shareholder

Daniel is an American lawyer with experience in international business and start-ups. He is assisting the brand with all legal necessities to operate as a franchise in the USA, as well as managing the PERU MIX USA subsidiary. He is working closely with the other partners to launch the brand in the states and worldwide.

Jonathan Palacios

Executive Chef

Born in Piura, Peru, a graduate of the internationally recognized school of gastronomy Le Cordon Bleu, Jonathan is the Executive Chef managing the Production Center and all gastronomic operations associated with the brand. Jonathan has extensive experience in Peruvian cuisine and has trained dozens of other top chefs throughout the years.

Camila Hurtado

Administrative Assistant

Camila is a professional Administrative Assistant that has become a crucial component of the operations of PERU MIX over the past few years. She works in all areas of the brand managing daily tasks big and small. (Bilingual English/Spanish)

Anyelo Style

Marketing / Video Producer

Anyelo is a recognized blogger and audio-visual producer in the music industry with many years experience in marketing and digital media projects. He has managed all areas of advertising and online marketing for Peru Mix over the past several years. Peru Mix has gained a large social media following largely thanks to the work of Anyelo. (Bilingual English/Spanish)

Daniela Chacon

Financial Assistant

A professional auditor from Caracas, Venezuela, Daniela has grown with the company into becoming our second in charge for our finance, managing all day to day financial accounts of the company as well as working closely with Camila in other administrative duties.

Felipe Cuadros

Restaurant consultant / Backo Consultores

Felipe is the lead director of the restaurant consultant firm in Colombia known as Backo Consultores. Backo advises many top brands in the country, and Mr. Cuadros himself is the creator of the #1 ranked fine-dining restaurant in Colombia for the past 3 years, Restaurante Osaka. He is currently advising the expansion of the Peru Mix chain in Colombia and Latin America. (Bilingual English/Spanish)