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Peruvian restaurant PERÚ MIX - The first fast casual peruvian food chain



Hello America, and welcome to PERU MIX®! the world’s premier fast-casual Peruvian restaurant chain.

Established in 2012, we currently have our main operations in Colombia, where we have several locations in cities such as Medellin, Cali and Bogotá, and this 2020 we launched our first US based operation in Los Angeles, California.

World famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio has described PERU MIX as an innovative concept, and a pioneer in Peruvian gastronomy. The express-gourmet format provides our guests with the best quality Peruvian cuisine in a modern and fun environment.




Our gastronomic concept
100% Peruvian

Our honest kitchen concept allows our guests to witness firsthand how their dishes are being prepared. Whether enjoying a health-conscious Peruvian quinoa or acai bowl, one of our award-winning ceviches during a workday lunch hour, or a delicious lomo saltado sandwich before a weekend night out with friends; PERU MIX is a perfect blend of authentic Peruvian flavors and modern convenience.

We are ON FIRE

Peruvian food for all

We are not high end; we are not fast-food. We are the first quick-service Peruvian restaurant chain. We are young, fun, casual and affordable all while maintaining our Peruvian gastronomic traditions within our core.


Juan luis Vera
C.E.O / Founder
Ana Maria Palacio
C.O.O & Finance / Founder
Michael Landman
Business Development / Co-Founder
Daniel Kent
Legal Advisor / Shareholder

GASTÓN ACURIO - Famous Peruvian chef - Ranked Top 10 worldwide.

How delicious Peru Mix in Medellin, Colombia. Young entrepreneurs moving forward.

TULIO RECOMIENDA - Famous Latin American food blogger

Peru Mix. A fun and relaxed restaurant with a respectful gastronomy at really good prices. A well accomplished concept.

LORENZO VILLEGAS - Gastronomic Reporter from El Colombiano Newspaper

Who said Peruvian food was always expensive? No sir, go to Perú Mix, an inca’s kitchen space, and enjoy as if it was fast food, only that the presentation and flavor is at the level of any gourmet Peruvian restaurant in the country.